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>         Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the stated time on the timetable

>         Do not play at the bus stop, always act sensibly while waiting

>         Keep away from the coach until it has stopped

>         Keep away from coach wheels

>         Move away from the coach after getting off

>         If you need to cross the road, wait until the coach has moved off and until you can see the road is clear in both directions.  Never cross in front of the coach before it has moved off

>         Do not distract the driver, he needs to concentrate

>         Do not bang on the window from inside the coach to attract attention

>         Remain seated whilst travelling; do not wander about the coach                                                                                

Warning 1: If you are kneeling on a seat, therefore facing backwards, and the coach stops suddenly the spine can be severely injured

Warning 2:  If you are standing in the gangway while the coach is in motion, sudden braking will throw passengers forwards, possibly into the windscreen

In either circumstance, the insurance company is likely to reject a claim for personal injury on the grounds that the passenger was not correctly seated.

 Remember you must wear your seatbelt on at all times