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 1. The terms and conditions of this contract are deemed to have been accepted when a place on one of our coaches is taken up and a bus pass has been issued.

2. The bus pass is valid for one term and cancellation of a place must be made in writing accompanied by the return of the bus pass. Payment will be due up until Coach Services receives the pass. The bus pass remains the property of Coach Services.

3.  Coach Services reserves the right to refuse travel to a pupil as a result of a breach of the rules laid down in these terms and conditions.

4.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of passengers, should an accident occur as the result of that passengers breach of the safety rules, the management cannot be held responsible.

5.  Should damage occur to any of the coaches as the result of a pupil's breach of the rules, the parents or guardian of that pupil will be required to compensate financially the owner of the Coach  

6.  Lost property left in the coach will be returned where possible, but we cannot be held responsible for the loss of items claimed to be left on the coach

7.  Bus passes, which include the photograph of the passenger, are not transferable in any way

8.  The management reserve the right to alter timetables or curtail services when circumstances prove necessary